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Race Report: PSCA Heads Up Hootenanny III

The PSCA Heads Up Hootenanny marks the halfway point through the 2018 Championship Chase, presented by: ProCharger with two complete events and a weather shortened elimination day at Huntsville. Mel Roth’s first event of the season at the Gateway Motorsports Park in the shadow of the St. Louis Arch and right over the river in Madison, Illinois, is now on it’s third year in existence and has now partnered up with the Mid-West Pro Mod Series to add their flare to the show. Limited Drag Radial was back yet again with support from VP Racing Fuels and Car-O-Liner, with a cool $4,000 payday up for grabs at the end of the weekend. Mother Nature flared up on Friday evening, canceling the second session and moving Q2 and Q3 to Saturday during the scorching temperatures on this Memorial Day weekend. Daniel Pharris from Sikeston, Missouri put his 2015 Lexus RC-F in the pole position with a 4.213 second blast at 184 miles per hour using his PLR 481X, twin turbocharged powerplant. Jody Voyles, Brandon Carter, Paul Gargus and Matt Bell round out the top five in the 13-car field who came through the gates at Gateway.

As eliminations began, the track conditions were still very warm and the teams were faced with the tough decision of racing the track or the opponent in the other lane. But as the sun set in the western sky, the weather conditions were still very tough but the cars began finding their way down the racetrack in some of the best side-by-side racing of the event. In the second round, a prime time matchup ensued with Daniel Pharris and the points leader Shane Stack showing off with their twin turbocharged entries. Pharris took a holeshot advantage and carried it through to a win light as a host of the teams stood on the line to watch two heavyweights go at it. Jason Etheridge, Paul Gargus and Jody Voyles all advanced to the semi-finals as well. Gargus took a holeshot advantage on Pharris in the semis and streaked away to a win as Pharris’ Lexus lost traction in the middle of the racetrack and could only watch as the Chevrolet from Alabama rolled down to a win. Jody Voyles ran low elapsed time of the round with a 4.21 but it proved costly as he defeated Jason Etheridge but had parts failure at the same time, ending his weekend even though he was victorious. Paul Gargus came back around to take the tree uncontested and ran down to his new career best with a 4.23 second blast to cap off the final round in style and to secure his spot in the winner’s circle for the first time in 2018.

Daniel Pharris

Limited Drag Radial
Presented by: VP Racing Fuels and Car-O-Liner

1. Daniel Pharris – 4.213 @ 184.02
2. Jody Voyles – 4.230 @ 182.06
3. Brandon Carter – 4.321 @ 178.66
4. Paul Gargus – 4.322 @ 177.30
5. Matt Bell – 4.397 @ 178.02
6. Dean Lee – 4.599 @ 158.48
7. Jim Monson – 4.709 @ 162.02
8. Shane Stack – 4.752 @ 166.76
9. Justin Martin – 4.873 @ 154.90
10. John Wellenkamp – 4.941 @ 143.51
11. Paul Sheffield – 4.997 @ 149.02
12. Jason Etheridge – 5.143 @ 114.02
13. Gary Tripp – 5.358 @ 135.05


Matt Bell (5.015 @ 116.21) defeated John Wellenkamp (Broke)
Jody Voyles (6.508 @ 129.48) defeated a red-lighting Gary Tripp (5.398 @ 125.09)
Paul Gargus (4.820 @ 138.33) defeated Paul Sheffield (4.894 @ 150.77)
Jason Etheridge (4.448 @ 171.97) defeated Brandon Carter (7.170 @ 102.02)
Dean Lee (4.521 @ 160.19) defeated Justin Martin (7.407 @ 93.53)
Shane Stack (4.313 @ 172.83) defeated Jim Monson (Broke)
Daniel Pharris (4.185 @ 185.69) on a competition bye.


Jason Etheridge (7.387 @ 72.20) defeated Dean Lee (Broke)
Daniel Pharris (4.214 @ 183.39) defeated Shane Stack (4.363 @ 146.05)
Paul Gargus (4.386 @ 156.35) defeated Matt Bell (Broke)
Jody Voyles (4.233 @ 182.58) on a competition bye.


Paul Gargus (4.295 @ 178.42) defeated Daniel Pharris (4.519 @ 148.80)
Jody Voyles (4.217 @ 181.98) defeated Jason Etheridge (4.411 @ 166.09)


Paul Gargus (4.235 @ 179.61) defeated Jody Voyles (Broke)

Brandon Carter

Photo Credit: James Sisk Photography / Drag Illustrated

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