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LDR Mid-Season Rules Revision is Now Public!

After the first four ProCharger Championship Chase series events, we’ve come to the conclusion that the class needed a few minor tweaks going into the back half of the season.

With the recent performances and car counts, we’ve given a few select combinations a reduction in weight to achieve better performance numbers and a hopeful increase in car count. The rules committee feels we are in a good place at the moment with all combinations, we just need support from them to be able to harness and lock down more of those small rule changes that may be needed. With the recent events, we’ve seen a large number of twin turbocharged cars out racing and out front while we’ve struggled getting a lot of the blower and nitrous cars out to race. With the given weight breaks to those combinations, we hope to see more of them out racing in LDR and performing with the others.

Scott Husted

At the end of the day, making laps is what makes you a better driver, tuner and team. You cannot penalize teams who come out to test and race at most events gaining data and learning how to go fast. With the mid-season rules revision, we hope to see more combinations out testing and racing with the LDR class making the class more diverse and more competitive than ever. To see the rules package that will carry throughout the end of the 2018 calendar year, click on the official rules tab in the main menu.

Dean Lee

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