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Race Report: Street Car Super Nationals V

The fifth edition of the Street Car Super Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park was graced with record car counts for the Mid-West Pro Mod Series and a host of other categories at the Madison, Illinois based facility. VP Racing Fuels, Car-O-Liner and Red Line Motorsports all partnered together with the Premier Street Car Association to bring a $4,000 to Win pay day to the Limited Drag Radial category in their sixth race of eight in the ProCharger Championship Series for the 2018 campaign. As qualifying wrapped up, Daniel Pharris from Sikeston, Missouri sat atop the 7-car field with a 4.186 elapsed time at 185 miles per hour while Shane Stack and Jody Voyles were right behind with a 4.19 and 4.20, respectively. Matt Bell and Jim Monson rounded out the top five after four rounds of qualifying spaced out from Thursday evening to Saturday morning.

As eliminations began, Shane Stack made quick work of Dustin Kurz while Jody Voyles handled business along side the supercharged entry of Gary Tripp. Matt Bell and Jim Monson both were unable to make the call in the opening round on the #4 and #5 qualifier match-up and resulted in no driver moving to the semis and Daniel Pharris capped off the opening round of eliminations with a competition bye run due to the odd number of cars and leading the pack in qualifying. Pharris continued his momentum with a 4.18 second shot mirroring his qualifying effort. On to the semis, Stack and Voyles set up a primetime match up on one side of the ladder as both drivers were nearly identical off the reaction time blocks but Voyles lost traction and Stack streaked away to a 4.17 elapsed time to advance to the final round. Pharris was greeted with yet another bye run due to the Bell/Monson matchup going uncontested in the opening round, yet again, Pharris took full advantage running a 4.15 elapsed time to best Stack and take lane choice in the finals. Stack took a holeshot advantage but by the 60 foot clocks, the ’14 Lexus piloted by Pharris had made up the holeshot difference and paced the rest of the run to electrify the win light for the final time of the weekend giving the win to the Sikeston, Missouri based runner with low elapsed time of the meet, a 4.13 defeating Stack’s 4.19. This marks back-to-back points victories for Daniel Pharris has himself and Shane Stack continue to go head to head for the ProCharger Championship Series that now only has two events remaining – No Mercy 9 and Radial Fest, The Gauntlet.

Other winners during the Street Car Super Nationals V include Kevin Maddux (Mid-West Pro Mod Series), Jim Bell (Mid-West Pro Mod Series, Slammer Class), Marty Stinnett (Radial vs. The World), Alan Felts (X275), and Justin Cyrnek (MX235).

Jody Voyles

Limited Drag Radial
Presented by: VP Racing Fuels, Car-O-Liner and Red Line Motorsports

1. Daniel Pharris – 4.186 @ 185.87
2. Shane Stack – 4.197 @ 181.91
3. Jody Voyles – 4.200 @ 183.67
4. Matt Bell – 4.320 @ 183.77
5. Jim Monson – 4.537 @ 162.76
6. Gary Tripp – 4.721 @ 153.67
7. Dustin Kurz – 4.784 @ 147.97


Shane Stack (4.277 @ 180.63) defeated Dustin Kurz (6.348 @ 105.27)
Jody Voyles (4.318 @ 174.41) defeated Gary Tripp (4.829 @ 122.44)
Daniel Pharris (4.183 @ 185.74) on a competition bye.


Shane Stack (4.175 @ 182.35) defeated Jody Voyles (6.065 @ 99.00)
Daniel Pharris (4.157 @ 186.23) on a competition bye.


Daniel Pharris (4.137 @ 185.38) defeated Shane Stack (4.191 @ 181.06)

Matt Bell

Low ET of the Weekend: Daniel Pharris (4.137)
Top Speed of the Weekend: Daniel Pharris (185.87)

Photo Credit: James Sisk Photography

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